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Honson Luma mission is to establish a career path that will enable me to uplift young black males and others to empower themselves.

Honson Luma's Bio:

I Honson Luma Growing up, although I traveled a familiar path commonly frequented by minority males in urban communities, I choose a more positive route in life as I began to reach manhood. I decided to stop complaining about the major problems in the urban community and embarked on a newfound journey to begin the mission of providing aid in resolving those very problems within inner-city communities. I began working for an organization known as Working America which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. While employed with the organization, I worked directly with the community and helped to inform people about local issues that plagued intercity communities. I also worked for the Association for the Community of Reform Now (Acorn) where I worked closely with citizens to educate them about political issues and the importance of voting. Additionally, I served as an agent of change while working for Little Haiti Housing Association Inc. where I helped communities form neighborhood associations and provided a platform so that they can have a voice for their community. Relocating to Maryland, I accepted a position with the Baltimore City Public Schools System as a Para Educator. In a particular inner city middle school in Baltimore City I revived and spearheaded a program called Best Man that focused on connecting and engaging young minority males in education. I'm currently employed with the State of Maryland as an Income Maintenance Specialist II, where I directly assist individuals of all backgrounds within Baltimore City communities obtain social services and various government assistances such as childcare vouchers, medical assistance for the elderly, and other general welfare needs such as food stamps, etc. I received a B.A. in Political Science/Public Administration from Florida Memorial University, a Masters in Public Administration from Sojourner-Douglass College, and I'm currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership at Morgan State University.

Honson Luma's Experience:

  • Interning for The Chief Officer of Internal Auditor at Baltimore City Community College

    Given what I have learned thus far about BCCC in which I am completing my internship, is that Baltimore City Community College is a Maryland State Agency that is also an institution of higher education. Not only is it the only community college in Maryland that belongs to the state, but an urban community college that "enrolls 98% African American students" (BCCC, 2012, para. 5) from Baltimore City than its surrounding competitors. Currently, I am assisting the Chief Officer of Internal Auditor, Lyllis M. Green, MBA, and CIA. And one of the key objectives in assisting the Chief internal auditor at BCCC is to determine the effects of students' accounts in collection and the implications this has on the student, the College and the State. Internal Audit Plan Objectives: Review process via a walk through with the Bursar's Office and prepare a flow chart or narrative of the process from application for submission to the central collection unit. Identify Internal controls strengths and weakness in the process and make recommendations for improvements. Include statistical data on the number of student accounts and the number of accounts submitted to CCU over the last two years. Identify trends in the number of accounts and the number of accounts submitted to CCU over the last two years. a) Research the causes of student accounts going to CCU. b) Research the effect of student accounts going to CCU from the perspective of: The Student/The College/The State of Maryland. Prepare a written audit report and provide recommendations to mitigate or eliminate the causes of student accounts going to CCU. Include recommendations to lessen any negative impact on students, the College and the State of Maryland.

  • Eligibility Specialist at Housing Authority of Baltimore City

    Interviewed applicants to determine housing needs and eligibility, initiated applicant file, Schedules recertification, make appointments with participant and interview participant. Documented family composition, citizenship status, income, age, identity, assets and other information as required. Collected recertification information, including income and household changes. Obtains current, third party verification in accordance with program requirements and procedures, determined eligibility, calculated income allowances, assets, and rent and performs data entry. Calculated new Total Tenant Payments (TTP). Monitored participant move and lease terminations. Scheduled clients for briefings to explain HUD guidelines. Performed timely and accurate data entry.

  • Paraprofessional / K-12 at Baltimore City School System

    Assisted the teacher in the classroom in the review, made-up or continuous learning activities for a student or small group of students according to procedures established by the teacher. Assisted with the supervision of students during play periods, lunch periods, detention and during student arrival and dismissal. Performed a variety of clerical duties in support of the class-room teacher.

  • Administrative Assistant /Part Time at LC Jeffery Communications & Rotary Elder Program

    Assisted with creating and updating databases on Microsoft Excel. Administrative duties including filing, typing letters, workbooks, and arranged a variety of projects.

  • Lead Community Organizer at Little Haiti Housing Association Inc.

    Performed outreach to tenants including door to door outreach to apartment buildings, presentations to community organizations, mutual aid associations and ethnic associations, and phone calling to tenants who had contacted the Tenants Union. Recruited tenants to form a homeowners association. Organized leadership development opportunities including training on tenants' rights, economic development, the legislative process and anti-gentrification policy strategies, after receiving training as needed. Completed timesheets, reports and other paperwork as needed in an accurate and timely manner. Supervised and collaborated with community organizers to set goals.

  • Community Organizer at Association of Community Organization for Reform Now

    Recruit members for ACORN and develop leaders. Identify hot issues in communities. Run campaigns. Organize meetings, rallies, protests, press conferences, marches, etc.

  • County Government Mail Clerk I at GSA-Materials Management Division

    Sorted, weighed, and determined means of mail delivery for outgoing mail and packages; assigned required charges for and meters U.S. mail. Operated, maintained, and monitored postage metering machines for first and third class U.S. mail; completed postal forms for residual U.S. mail and delivered the forms with the residual and presorted mail. Monitored the collection and delivery of packages by United Parcel Service and other private mail carriers and informed appropriate County departments of relevant deliveries. Assisted in the mechanical adjustment of postal equipment; was being responsible for the pick-up and delivery of registered and certified mail to the County; assisted in training new staff members.

  • Union Organizer/Canvasser (2004 GOTV Campaign) at Working America a Community Affiliate of the AFL-CIO

    Recruit new Working America members, mobilize them to action, and collect dues. Debrief with Field Managers on effective messaging techniques and deliver feedback from the field to help shape ongoing strategy. Projects included making posters, arranged rallies, phone banks, created surveys, and lobbied issues.

  • Three-Day Training at The Organizing Institute (OI)

    Organizing Institute is a selective program that includes classroom training and field training. Learn Organizer tactics on workers who are forming unions in all sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, health care, and hospitality. OI train advance skills on movements for progressive social change by teaching strategic, rigorous, results-oriented approach to social action and organization building. The OI provides training (introductory and advanced) and consulting, equipping organizers, leaders, and their organizations to think and act strategically to win justice for all

  • Union Summer/Intern 10 week paid summer internship at American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Unions (Union Summer)

    Union Summer is an educational internship in which participants are introduced to the labor movement and organizing. The internship included working on state legislative battles, talking with workers one on one about their jobs, planning and participating in direct actions such as marches or assisting in building relationships with community, labor and religious organizations. I also assisted with voter registration, education and voter protection planning and activities.

  • Administrative Assistant/ Work-Study Student at Florida Memorial University/Office of Institutional Advancement

    Assisted capital campaign director. Worked on mailing lists, correspondence, and filing. Created fundraising databases and presentations.

  • President at Space Age Investment Group/Consultant , LLC

    Our mission is to establish a foundation that will enable us to uplift young minorities to achieve financial independence and to help empower them to achieve financial freedom. Thus, Space Age investment Group/Consultant, LLC (SAIG) was created for like minded individuals with the mission of empowering not only the mind, but creating financial literacy to gain financial control over their lives through the world financial markets.

  • Family Investment Specialist II at Maryland Department of Human Resources

    Determined the eligibility of applicants for public assistance programs and reviewed client information for continued eligibility. Interviewed clients to explain programs, verified information and determined category of eligibility. Managed caseload in order to ensure timely and accurate service to customers for Family Investment programs in accordance with Federal and State policies and guidelines. Supervised mandatory work activity programs to determine customer's eligibility for temporary cash assistance. Assisted units/departments in reviewing case records completed by case managers when there was a backlog.

Honson Luma's Education:

  • Morgan State University

    Ed.D, Community College Leadership Program
  • Sojourner-Douglass College

    Concentration: Public Administration
  • Florida Memorial College

    Concentration: Political Science/Public Administration

Honson Luma's Interests & Activities:

E-learning, investing, stock market, commodities, forex, social media,

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